Why Do We Go For Qls1 For Job Requirement?

https://qls1.com is all in one solution to the staffing and job requirement problems. We’d rather say requirement but not problem as this is the solution to the problem. It provides staffing services for industrial and hospitality sector.

Not only is it the solution to industries/businesses but also to the people who want to get hired. Naukri.com, indeed.com, careesma.com and many more work similar to it but the only difference is the demography.

There are various industrial needs under which people are required. Qls understands the need and provide an opportunity to its registered job seekers to find what is best for them.


There are various situations where different types of employment are required and qls excels in that too:

  • Need of temporary staff for seasonal work or short span of time.
  • To replace workers who are on leave from long time due to medical or personal matters.
  • Few industries require part-time workers or the workers who are required at the last moment.
  • Finally, some require more staff but wants to avoid recruitment process like interviews, training officials and payroll benefits.

More than numbers, quality of skills matter to qls. They may help recruit less number of people but those would be quality ones. Companies can never reject them, that’s a known fact.

Skills in which qls master the art:

  • Brake Press Operator
  • Operator and Programmer from CNC
  • Dies Setter
  • Assembler for Electronics
  • Specialist in Inventory
  • Machine Operator
  • Soldering
  • Ship and Receiving Products
  • Assurance of Quality
  • Manager of the Project
  • Supervisor of Warehouse and many more to come

The above mentioned skills are some of the examples which are available skills with qls1.com. Qls is the ultimate solution to the job trouble.