Why APDM Is an Effective Student Management System


For long time, schools and other type of educational institutions have been maintaining filing cabinets to maintain large number of student records. It is very cumbersome process that require lot of time, space, and manpower to maintain all these records. Student records are very important for their performance evaluation, but this traditional system is vulnerable to risk of losing data due to manual handling and that’s why doesn’t fit in contemporary environment. Technology advancement has made lot easier for contemporary education system to maintain student records in electronic form. You can call it electronic filing cabinet.

How student data management system helps

Student data management system is an effective student information system (SIS) that helps school or educational institution administration to keep track of every student’s records and to keep them updated. Under this system, related data are collected and organized by a software. The data is then updated by adding the new record or deleting obsolete record. It is easy for sorting of the student data.


APDM, launched by ministry of education, is used to compile and manage vital student data by student database application. APDM can be accessed on http://apdm.net.my. The important details of secondary schools’ admission are store here. The data is managed by a software at education department level and ministerial level. The data is made current by updating by school teachers and administration collectively. Therefore, responsibility of updating to make data current lies on the academic and teaching staff. They work together to make all efforts that there is nothing left that is not taken on student’s records because complete performance system is based on this.

How APDM is effective

APDM is a software-based system that makes instant updating which is not possible in the manual system. Moreover, manual records can be accesses on the location where they are kept, but APDM records can be accessed from any location by using internet technology.