Semente de Chia website filled with goodness

These days there are plenty of websites on the internet spheres. In fact there are so many that the world doesn’t know about 70% of them. But there are some that stays in your mind and tells you how to live a healthy life or be fit and active. One such website is This website keeps your health as a priority and tries to make your life healthier and active. The website talks about benefits of chia seeds and a program called Q48.

Chia seeds are a versatile super food. That goes on with everything and any kind of food. A teaspoon or tablespoon of chia seeds can be eaten with literally anything. They are an all-rounder food, which basically means appetizers, main course or desserts you can add some to your food. Chia seeds are great with ice creams, juices, yogurts, porridge, pancakes, smoothies etc.


The website actually has suggested 47 ways you can consume chia seeds. Read them once and you will know how wonderful these tiny seeds are and what benefits they do. Now if you are asking where to find and buy chia seeds? Well, a trip to cereal stores or health food stores will do. They are easily available these days. These little seeds aren’t as expensive as they are beneficial. So you know you have found treasure for your body.

The website doesn’t just talk about chia seeds. It also introduces to a far superior high intensity program called Q48. Just by looking at the website you can tell that they have maintained perfect balance in their contents. They talk about exercise and food with an equal intensity just how you should maintain your life. The Q48 doesn’t require you to put in much effort or time, just 15 minutes day and you are good to go.