Polygraph Tests – A Revolutionary Way toCatch theCriminal

Polygraph Test also known as the Lie Detector Test is used to verify the truth behind statements given by criminals. The tests are relevant for civil as well as criminal cases.Forensic Bureaus are involved in such cases. The machine used for the purpose is called a Polygraph.

Which Company does it best in the UK?

LiedetectorsukUK is a professional lie detection organisation which employs examiners who have graduated from the American Polygraph Association school. The examiners are highly trained and closely work with Peak Polygraph school. They are always updated on the latest scientific technologies. This organisation uses latest computer equipment.All the tests are carried out with a lot of professionalism and secrecy.They use the latest equipment from Stoelting.


Are the examiners qualified?

The Chief Examiner Jason Hubblehas twenty years of work experience in the legal profession. He has immense working experience in the USA Police Department Polygraph units.The examiners who assist him are Antony Keeves, Norma Phoenix and Gemma King. The company is based in London.However, it can perform tests throughout UK, Europe and other countries as well.

How is the test done?

The lie detector test makes use of physiological reactions of the body when the subject is subject to questioning. The data is recorded and later analysed for falsification. Polygraph tests are done in various settings, like employment, court cases, investigations, corporate thefts, domestic disputes to name a few.

Employment settings – In this setting, the tests are used to ascertain the truthfulness of the prospective employee.

Investigation is another important field of application for lie detector tests. The accused is subjected to the tests to find out the truth.

Relationship issues are also benefitted from these tests. Female examiners are made to handle such cases, along with counselling sessions.

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