Introduction to the Gaming Site: Centsports

Centsports is an online gaming site which allows its viewers to gamble and bet on the sports events. This site is legally allowed to run betting and gambling on sports events on the centsports site ( The site is active and legal only in the United States of America.

History – Centsports is a company well known in the online gambling industry. It was created in 2007 November by A&M Victor Palmer. The headquarters of centsports is situated in College Station, Texas, USA. The website of centsports is (  In the year 2011, it was further absorbed by another company names

Legality of Centsports – In USA, online gambling on sports is illegal. The three elements involved in gambling areprize, consideration andchance. Thus, in centsports, they don’t allow users to use their own fund from their accounts of their own money,instead, it is funded between accounts with revenues provided from their advertisers. Hence, consideration was not involved directly from the user who is betting, therefore, centsports site is considered legal in the United States of America.

Revenue as well as Usage of Fund – The centsports site gains revenue through advertisement from sponsorers such as Pizza Hut, Skype, NBA (National Basketball Association) and many more. The revenue received from sponsors is used as a fund with a minimum of 10 cents. The user needs to accumulate a minimum of 20 dollars in order to compete in the brackets to get cash from any match. The winners receive checks through the mail. If any user loses all the money, then they could start all over again with a minimum of 10 cents.

The site www.centsports.comallows its users to bet on a wide range of sports events, such as boxing, basketball, football, and auto racing, in different countries too.