How to Make Weight Loss Program Effective Thro’ Right Meals

Losing weight and maintaining fitness concurrently is not easy as you think because you are not aware of the facts about your body. You don’t understand the meaning of body metabolism and metabolic rate. You even don’t know how your body will behave with different diet plans and physical activities. The purpose of this information is to let you know that you can’t be successful in achieving your weight loss and fitness goals by simply choosing any meal plan or by regularly going on with strenuous workouts in the gym. There is lot of worthful information on and you can make use of this information in making your weight loss and fitness program more effective.

Effective meal plans

There are several meals plans you come across in the recent time and they are based on different type of diets providing combination of foods and some are based on the concept of fasting. Fasting is biologically good for your body and is a scientifically approved way to help in weight loss and to maintain fitness, but starvation is not the right way of fasting and this will never help to achieve your weight loss goals in effective manner.


Before selecting any diet plan, you must understand your body metabolism, and this is essential because it makes lot of difference. The question is not what you eat, but how and what proportion of your intake is absorbed in your body. You might have seen many people who eat much but their body is lean because they have high metabolic rate, but you can’t have the same metabolism. Thus, your meals plan should be created accordingly.

What you conclude

If you would read the contents provided in Emagrecendo, you will lead to same conclusion. You can go on intermittent fasting and create your diet charts according to what meal plan you chose, but it should match your body metabolism if you want your weight loss program to be effective.