Escape Game Charleston SC Brings New Gaming Experience

In this video gaming world, people are forgetting to play active games. They all time stick to phones, tabs, play stations etc. Active games help people to stay active and focused. It also helps people to socialize.

Brief idea about escape game:

Escape game is one of kind game which challenges analytic ability of any person. Maximum 8 people can play this game. If the player is new then it is suggested that they should come with group of friends or family. Escape room game Charleston sc is popular as it helps people to get close to their family and friends. Children under eight years are not allowed.

Rules of escape game:

A group of four or more people will be locked in scenario with multiples room. By resolving each clue leads to another locked room. On the basis of scenario and the storyline of the game the rooms are designed. It helps to match with the reality. If puzzle can be solved then the player can come out from the locked room by themselves. Time limit is 60 minute to escape from the traps by using the analytic skills. You will get external assistance if needed.

Escape game charleston sc:

In escape games charleston sc has arranged quite realistically. The only one storyline has set up for the game with challenging puzzles. Gaming room scenario name is The Cannibal Collector. Players’ role has set up as member of search squad which has kidnapped with other people in town. With no connection with the outer world players have to save all and alert the authorities. The civil war room is another scenario which is coming soon.

For booking anyone can contact via email or phone. Lowest price for booking one person is $28 and for eight person $224. Booking for whole tour is for $200 in any time schedule within eight.