Best Potty Seat Advertisement in the Guatemala Times

As our babies grow, they start feeling uncomfortable in diapers. This is the time when you need to start potty training for the baby.

There are many varieties and brands in the market who sell baby potty training seats. The best advertisements are available at website.

Summer Infant Baby Potty:The main specialty of this potty sear is that it has a high back portion which will conveniently help your baby to take proper position while are they sitting on the potty seat. Thus, there will not be any spinal problems forthe baby. There is a detachable container available for cleaning purposes.

The Summer Baby Potty seat can accommodate a maximum of 33 pounds of weight. There are five different colors available in the market, white and green, teal, white, pink, and raspberry.

BabyBjorn Baby Potty: The main feature of this potty chair is that it has a splashguard basin that will evade any unexpected splatters which might stain the floor. This will help to ease your potty training hassle-free and also hygienic. The seat has a rubber base so that the seat remains in its place while the baby is sitting to prevent it from moving suddenly.

There are seven colors of BabyBjorn Baby potty seat available at The dimension of the potty seat is 14 inches long and wide and 13 inches thick. The weight of the seat is 1.8 pounds.

Fisher-Price Baby Potty: The Fisher-Price potty seat has ring potty handles for baby to hold, while they are doing potty. They should feel safe and comfortable. This potty seat is available with a playful flushing system which produces delightful lights and sounds in order to entertain the babies.

The provides guidelines to look for a potty seat while purchasing:

  • The basin of the potty seat should be easy to clean.
  • There should be spill protection to avoid staining the floor.
  • The back should be high and armrests should be provided to support babies back.