APDM and Its Construct Throughout The Solar System

APDM which stands for ‘All Planets In Direct Motion’ is a chart which has a detailed tabulation and description of planets being in direct motion. An article about APDM was published for the first time in NCGR in the category of member letter in January 2010. APDM helps you in defining a special type of cycle of that of the planetary system which is primarily concentrated without retrogrades. This type of system can be fixed by Ephemeris.

Practical usage of the APDM

Till now we are under the impression, especially the research practices which are carried from that of the past to the present, the negligence in terms of mentioning the time span of the cycle. The omission of the mention of the time when planets tend to be in a motion which is direct and clearly seen from Earth. However astrologers of the modern times are subjected to a chart which has proper labelling of the planets being in direct motion. This chart is constructed with zero retrogrades and also overpowers and attempts to distinguish itself from the fact of APDM.


The fact being all the various planets comprising the solar system is in their own union being in a direct motion. And the alternate fact is true in its own sense too. You can browse at http://apdm.net.my/ for further queries.

When the APDM is practically revealed, nothing can be more interesting than to wonder what the next cycle would be. It tends to reveal or describe a chart of cycle which is tabulated in a natural order in respect to that of the universe. This information’s are gathered nowhere but from that of the cosmos.

The main concern of APDM was to exemplify how societal accepted norms and perceptions coincide with the perceptions of astrologers and in turn become a habit to accept for the normal people. A firm shift of this ancient process of mind set needs to take place in order to come up with newer inventions.